Sunday, June 4, 2017


ambient, drone, experimental/info


  1. Thank you for your enthusiasm and sharing this album on your site, but please be aware that at this moment Moving Furniture Records is still a very small label not making any profit from the music that is released.
    We want to continue what we do and, how much it does suck, we need money and thus also sales for this. As such sharing the FLAC version as download is not really cool, specially considering that you can also share the Bandcamp player on your website.
    People can stream this and if they like it, it is possible to support us (the label and musicians) with a purchase.

    Having said this I would like to ask to change the download to a Bandcamp player, and of course for everyone who likes the music to head over to our shop and spend a few bucks on the releases we have put out. It would be appreciated really a lot.


    Moving Furniture Records.

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